Our Story



Welcome to Margeaux and Linda’s Vegan Kitchen!  We are a mother, brother and daughter team whose mission is beautifully simple: to make food that is addictively delicious and radiantly good for you.

This means that not only are our dishes organic, vegan, anti-inflammatory, non-GMO and soy-free (as well as nut-free and gluten-free for our friends with food sensitivities), but they are also nutritionally off the charts, utterly delicious and designed to allow you to indulge and feel great about it!

If our faces look familiar to you, you may recognize us from Cru, the now-closed but much beloved vegan restaurant in Silverlake, Los Angeles, where we also worked as a mother & daughter team, as head chef and general manager, respectively.  The reward of our team effort was not only a very loyal and passionate fan base, but also a wonderful write-up in The New York Times “Dining and Wine” section on September 24th, 2012.


In all honesty, after the closing of Cru (which was out of our hands), we were approached by quite a few people who offered to partner with us in opening a new vegan restaurant.  While we loved the idea, we ultimately felt more inspired by the opportunity to provide for a wider audience, including those that might never have set foot in a vegan restaurant. We quickly realized that this desire would be better served by offering our food through an ever-growing variety of health food stores and juice-bars.

This decision also took into account that, traditionally, pre-packaged food has proposed its own unique challenge for people: the challenge not being able to find pre-packaged food that is healthy, but specifically in finding pre-packaged food that is also fresh and deliciously satisfying.  We knew we wanted to fill this niche, and we decided that in order to offer our food at this level, it had to radiate complete integrity.

For us, this meant that no one thing could be sacrificed for another.

We began to get excited about the idea that more and more people could begin to feel good about eating healthily while on the go, and that even non-vegans would have a chance to discover that eating raw, live food could be a gratifyingly pleasurable experience!

So, Margeaux and Linda’s Vegan Kitchen was born, with the mission to really raise the bar on pre-packaged foods. Ultimately, we hope to have taken the guess-work out of eating food that is super tasty, reliably healthy and fresh, easy to find and easy to take with you!


On a typical day, you will find us individually hand-washing, de-stemming and hand-wrapping our organic, locally sourced collard leaves that are then stuffed with any one of our mouthwatering recipes containing lemon-massaged kale, sun-seed cheeses, Italian sunflower vegan-sausage, or pumpkin seed pesto; and this is the process for our wraps alone, just one of the growing number of dishes on our menu.

We’re proud to say that we definitely put a lot of thought and care into what we make for you.  All of our food is prepared and delivered fresh every day and everything we offer is made by us, completely from scratch.  We are continually exploring how we can deliver new recipes of satisfying classics with a yummy, vegan twist, which always contain ingredients that are at the forefront of nutritional wellness.

It’s very moving to us to imagine that we are all connected through this desire and conscious effort to take better care of ourselves, and we are very grateful to get to contribute to this kind of awareness. It is our privilege and joy to offer you these nourishing foods from Margeaux and Linda’s Vegan Kitchen.